Why choose us?

At Innovative SEO we firmly believe we are the best in our sector and here are our reasons;

Ethical – All our work is fully compliant with Google guidelines ensuring that your site will be in the search engines for the log term.

Quality – We go about our work with the highest quality hitting targets and showing highly detailed reports.

Experience – James Duffy, the owner of Innovative SEO has been following his passion for over 6 years now picking up glowing testimonials along the way.

Content Creation – With 2 fully dedicated copywriters with years of experience the content created for blogs is second to none.

Tools – We subscribe to the best set of tools out their to ensure that you have the best.

Results Driven – We let our results speak for us generating an increase in traffic and leads for your business.

Company profile

Innovative SEO was founded by James Duffy a qualified accountant in 2010 following years of working as an SEO manager at a leading price comparison website.

Our office is based at the Regus business centre in Bolton feel free to pop in to have a chat, give us a friendly phone call or request a free SEO report from the homepage.

InnovativeSEO pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the technological world that is all around us. We speak our own language based round initials SEO, PPC and SMO to name but three. Even though we talk about everything website related, we recognise that you, our client, may not necessarily understand all the terms. We are committed to ensuring that all of our clients comprehend how our business can help your company to grow.

The various in-house tools which we use, together with the White-hat techniques are essential in guaranteeing your success. Whether your budget is small or huge we will treat you in exactly the same way that we would like to be cared for. Only by contacting us either by phone or email will you give us the opportunity of helping your company and its online sales. Our specialist team will be delighted to assist you in every way possible. Let us manage your website budget to ensure your continuing success.


“Innovative SEO provided SEO work for my websites with great results.

I have worked in large organisation with vast resources but no one provided what they delivered, with little fuss.“Phillip Rose, MD at Independent Financial Advisor Limited

Our policies

  • 01.

    Be EthicalStick within Googles guidelines!

  • 02.

    Provide QualityConsistently provide high quality work.

  • 03.

    Results DrivenWork to hit targets and produce amazing results.

  • 04.

    Use the Best ToolsOnly use the best tools for the job in hand.

  • 05.

    Be EffectiveAll work carried out thoroughly.

  • 06.

    Challengeconstantly challenge ourselves to provide the best service for you!

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