Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimisation and they both need to work in harmony to get good results:
  • 01.

    On Site Search Engine Optimisation
    Keyword Selection: We need to make sure you use the correct keywords from day one so when your page does reach number 1 it is for the right keywords!

    Site Structure: Your site needs to be structured and show data in a way to make it easily accessible and readable to a search engine.

    Content: Using the correct density of keywords in content will tell Google "This is what my site is about" and let them know this is what you want to rank for.

    Index (Amount of Pages): The amount of pages Google has stored in it's index from your site the more chances you have of ranking and the more keywords you will hit.

  • 02.

    Off Site Search Engine Optimisation

    Link Building: Link building needs to be well thought through and needs to be gone about in the correct way making use of social media, blogs and directories. Bad practices when link building can have catastrophic effects on your search engine rankings.

    Articles: Good content and new articles on your site not only increase your visibility in the search engines but also will encourage your users to link to the page further increasing your standings in the search engine.

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